Sours Gummy flavor Muscat – SOURS GUMMY マスカット味

Enjoy these muscat flavored sour gummies!
Around 10 gummies.

Nutritional information per serving:
Energy: 142kal
Protein: 2.12g
Fat: 1.15g
Carbs: 34.13g
Salt equivalent: 0.04g

The Kame Kame Sour Gummy Candies come out of their shell with an interesting double-texture that most candies typically do not even attempt! While the outside, initial texture of the candy is tough and hard, after a few bites, I reached the inner, softer layer of the candy and was greeted by the strong muscat flavor hidden within! For any fans of sour gummy worms, you will be pleasantly reunited to those same nostalgic flavors all over again, while being introduced to muscat, a flavor not commonly seen in the United States. For any fans of sour candies, Kame Kame Sours will be a shake-up from your typical sweets, providing a nice hint of acidity, while still being palatable enough for anyone who likes to take things on the milder side. Not having the most intense flavors, they are designed to slowly grow on you. Slow and steady wins the race!

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