DARS Premium ブルーベリーパイ

Enjoy white chocolate with blueberry flavor!

12 chocolates.

Nutritional information per serving:
Energy: 18kal
Protein: 0.12g
Fat: 1.1g
Carbs: 2.0g
Salt equivalent: 0.007g

This product has the fragrance of a skilled chocolatier who decided to work in a French bakery. A deep and profound white chocolate flavor with hints of berry and an unmistakable crispy yet creamy texture resembling a freshly baked blueberry pie. This treat offers a softer, richer, and slightly sweeter composition compared to similar products, especially if you are familiar with Japanese chocolates and their distinctive mild flavor. On another note, this product has very distinctive and creative packaging that you would be wise to take a second look at. There is more than meets the eye to these sweets in more ways than one.

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